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The Future of Automation

Experience the combined power of BPM, RPA and AI

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Achieve Automation at Scale

RPA software on it's own is not the cure for IT debt, bad process designs or complex operational issues. It's a task focussed tool used to automate low value, high volume, repetitive tasks. Combining the Symbox BPM with RPA allows companies to orchestrate and automate their end-to-end business processes and fully realise the digital transformation potential.

The Future of Automation

Symbox and Automation Anywhere partner to deliver the future of automation.

Our partnership focuses on enabling customers to look at their end-to-end processes and uncover tasks ripe for automation though our BPM platform.


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Experience the combined power of BPM and RPA!

The RPA Silo

A 2017 Deloitte survey states that 53% of respondents have already started their RPA journey. However bots can't expand on their own.


RPA needs to integrate with tools such as BPM to give users visibility of the end-to-end process to identify opportunities to expand

Future of RPA

SPA (Smart Process Automation) will use machine learning as an alternative to the if/then rules to automate the unstructured data work that robotics is unable to manage by itself.