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The Digital Business Platform

Putting agility at the heart of your business, the Symbox platform brings together business process management, rapid application development and process automation to take the brakes off digital transformation.
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Unique User Experiences

Drive adoption of your digital initiatives by creating an amazing user experience within your application, unconstrained by the platform and without having to invest in a separate portal layer.

Accelerated Automation

With over 100 standard connectors out of the box and the ability to create your own, Symbox can integrate with virtually any system via API to automate tasks and orchestrate data flow.

No Code Development

Create enterprise grade applications powered by complex organisational processes, executing dynamic data driven business rules all without writing a line of code. Bringing the power of development to the business.


Symbox is built to provide real time analytics across the business, identifying breakdowns between the people, processes and technology in and around your organisation unlocking the potential for true continuous improvement.

E2E Process Orchestration

Structured or unstructured, your business is run on processes. But few are orchestrated end to end. Connect your business through the platform; department to department, region to region, front office to back office.


The Symbox App Studio enables you to accelerate change faster than ever before. Create complex enterprise applications in hours and days, not weeks and months. Need to change? Instantly publish amendments for immediate impact without long development lifecycles.

Robotic Process Automation

The perfect alternative for automating process tasks where legacy systems don't support API integration and/or the cost means that API's aren't viable.  Low cost and rapid to deploy, RPA enables you to unlock the untapped potential of process automation.

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From accelerating global order management to digitising entire operations.

Plenty of Awesome Applications

Enterprise Pre-Sales

Enterprise Pre-Sales

The pre-sales solution was part of a digital transformation initiative within the enterprise business unit of a global carrier.  Leveraging case management within the Symbox platform we were able to ensure users had the flexibility to adapt to the real world changes that are common in a complex sale and by digitising their work provide significant automation benefit.

Broadcast Digital Ops

Broadcast Digital Ops

This Symbox solution delivered was an enterprise wide orchestration of business processes automating the movement of data between down stream systems (MAM's, rights management systems etc).  as well as a digital front door for suppliers to drive the deliverables required for each piece of content.

Enterprise Ordering

Enterprise Order Management

The global order management solution provides enterprise customers a centralised place to order, track and manage their devices from anywhere in the world.  Dynamic business rules orchestrate the fulfilment of each order coordinating between operational teams and suppliers across the world.

Group Revenue Assurance

Group Revenue Assurance

The Symbox Revenue Assurance solution powers the RA functions of a number of global carriers and their operating companies.  Providing consistent leakage measurement across the group, incident management of issues found including root cause analysis and enterprise reporting from operations up to the CFO.

Asset and Change Management

Asset & Change Management 

The Asset & Change Management Accelerator provides enterprise inventory management with the ability to relate assets such that the impact of proposed changes can be automatically surfaced.

IoT Enterprise Digital Ops

IoT Enterprise Digital Ops

The IoT Enterprise Digital Ops solution, digitised the organisations entire business operating model for a leading global Tier 1 carrier. Providing real time insight into how the teams, products, services and regions are performing and unlocking the business agility required for such a fast paced market.

Broadcast Playout

Broadcast Playout Service Management

The broadcast playout service management solution has been deployed into a number of major broadcasters over the years.  Including operational facing incident, escalation and fallout management as well as customer facing service quality dashboards fed by real time data to automatically determine service credits and much more.