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Low Code Application Development

Build powerful business applications, fast!

Low-code Application Development


Faced with a problem that a typical off-the-shelf service can't satisfy?
Perhaps the issues are unique to the way in which you operate?

Then only a bespoke application will do.
Reduce development timelines with a low-code application development environment.

Solve unique problems with custom applications



With our cloud based UI, workflow and integration modellers, you can eliminate the need to start app development with a blank canvas. Drag-and-drop executable functions and native style libraries get to developers off to a flying start.



Deliver functional software back to the business in weeks, rather than months. Quickly demonstrate a route to ROI and develop a culture of encouragement for changes and new ideas, with the typical barriers of enterprise app development removed.



Embrace feedback from your user community to easily evolve and increment your services. Increase the user satisfaction and rates of adoption across your business.


See some of the unique scenarios where our clients have benefited from a custom application, built to suit the characteristics of their business. 

Content Delivery Portal

Web-based, TV & Movie content delivery application.


Utilising best-of-breed tools such as IBM Aspera, delivering an MVP in less than 12 weeks.


Leveraging the native BPM features within Symbox to automatically notify users when deliveries are nearing or are due delivery.

VOD Metadata Management

A cloud-based, Video On-Demand (VOD) metadata management and transformation application.


Creating a central, structured metadata repository, enabling users to automate the formatted output for numerous, market-leading distribution platforms such as; Apple TV, Netflix and HuLu.

Partner Marketplace

A single point of reference for IoT knowledge base articles available to partners and resellers of IoT solutions. 


The self serve profile management console allows partners to control and continually update their offerings on the portal, which is made available publicly to users searching for their next IoT partner.