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Unleash the power of
Digital Process Automation




Transformation strategies rely on a variety of options to solve problems. A one size fits all approach inevitably ends in burnt budgets and underwhelmed users.
Symbox has curated a DPA suite of tools to supplement BPM with complementary technologies such as RPA, AI and No-Code Integrations to offer a diverse technology platform. 

Reduce repeatable activities, automate the flow of data and learn from intelligent business recommendations


No-Code Integration

Integration made easy with Symbox. Developers are provided with a simple, yet highly configurable integration builder that can connect to virtually any system via API. Increased data flow creates opportunities to automate tasks, orchestrate events and initiate services.


Robotic Process Automation

RPA enables businesses to manage high-volume and tedious admin tasks by mimicking human actions without the need for complex code. Businesses can claw back valuable time, freeing up their teams to focus on higher value work. Out-of-the-box connectivity with world leading RPA vendors UiPath and Automation Anywhere.


Artificial Intelligence 

Lean on AI for native language querying for both structured and unstructured data. Gain smart, system driven insights into your processes and applications, calling out inefficiencies and offering recommendations for business improvement.

The Future of Automation

Symbox and Automation Anywhere partner to deliver the future of automation.

Our partnership focuses on enabling customers to look at their end-to-end processes and uncover tasks ripe for automation though our BPM platform.

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Automation tools perform comfortably at both a strategic and tactical level. The key is to deploy them appropriately, taking into account the scale and duration of the problem. Below are some examples of how our clients have thoughtfully applied DPA technology...

Payment Integration Hub

Mobile payment notification engine, connecting citizens with their utility service providers across Africa.


Widely integrated with multiple leading mobile money platforms, offering a completely automated service.

Media Delivery Bots

Desktop assistant deployed to deliver thousands of episodes for VOD distribution, against the clock.


Leaning on the underlying BPM for metadata management and error reporting.

Media Orchestration

Integrations with Scheduling, Resource Management and Right's activities are orchestrated using the process management layer.


Applying business rules to initiate various media management services and scenarios.


A 2017 Deloitte survey states that 53% of respondents have already started their RPA journey. However bots can't expand on their own.


RPA needs to integrate with tools such as BPM to give users visibility of the end-to-end process to identify opportunities to expand.

Future of RPA

SPA (Smart Process Automation) will use machine learning as an alternative to the if/then rules to automate the unstructured data work that robotics is unable to manage by itself.