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Business Process Management


Connect people, processes and technology to boost productivity and efficiency.


Empower your business.

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Business Process Management lives at the heart of your connected digital enterprise, seamlessly integrating people and applications across your business. Highly configurable, scalable and durable. BPM has become fundamental to the success of digital transformation strategies.

"Create robust, repeatable processes that can be scaled to meet your business"



Model processes for apps using low-code drag and drop visual tools. Specify tasks and how they relate to each other by creating a logical flow within our Process Builder. Integrate supporting applications to leverage external data and configure your rules to automate business events.



Deploy your executable blueprint immediately, publish web-based UI's and enable notifications. Create robustness for your process, at speed. Need to change? Instantly publish amendments for immediate impact without long development cycles. 



Analyse active processes, review bottlenecks and interrogate business performance. Easily re-distribute tasks and services to maximise effectiveness and seamlessly adapt your digital blueprint as the organisation evolves.




Our clients have leveraged traditional BPM features to create rigorous and measurable processes. Whether activities are local or multinational, simple or complex, Symbox BPM has consistently proven to deliver value due to it's versatility. These are a few of the many examples of our customers have implemented Symbox...
Order Management

Global enterprise product order management and fulfilment platform.


Heavily integrated with numerous local fulfilment service and operational companies.


Completing tens of thousands of transactions per day, enabling one of the worlds largest telecommunications companies. 


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Creating a standardised solution and commercial process for the delivery of IoT connectivity, worldwide.


Managing the flow of task from deal to billing phases.


Process completion time reduced from circa 500 days, to less than 40, providing significant ROI.



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Incident Management

Broadcast specific, Transmission outage and incident management solutions.


Operators log live events, triggering automated impact analysis workflows  and contractual penalty calculations.


All events are realised using management dashboards and email based reports.


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