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Symbox Services


Symbox Professional Services team are designed to work in collaboration with our customers, through their transformation initiatives, to achieve sustainable business outcomes. 

Whether you are looking for a minimal consulting approach, where your internal resources can configure and manage the Symbox Platform, or a full turnkey solution that matches all business requirements, our team will assist you with the full life-cycle delivery. From establishment, to implementation, to transition, we will maximise the value of your Symbox investment.

Our services team will focus on the inter-relations between people, processes and data in your organisation. We will establish the most suitable system integrations approach, that encourages effective data sharing and re-use. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and cross-industry best practices, we assist you in optimising your processes and digitising your manual tasks.

The robust capabilities of our platform combined with our agile delivery expertise gained from over 200 deployments, enables our services team to accelerate our customer's business transformation.






This is the initial phase of the delivery cycle. It includes understanding our customer's vision and identifying the key drivers in the organisational context. it will give Symbox the chance to work closely with stakeholders to understand their key issues and concerns. This phase is used to determine the desired approach to delivery and transition, and to establish an implementation strategy that minimises risk.


This phase is all about delivering production ready functional blocks, through agile iterations. Symbox Professional Services team will work collaboratively with our customers to understand the business value behind each requirement and the desired KPIs. We leverage our broad range of skills on user experience, process optimisation and integration architecture and advise our customers on the best practices in every domain. Where there are complex processes, we  assist you in identifying a starting point while keeping the larger focus in mind.

At this stage, our customers test the entire system and the employees start working in the system. Symbox will comprehensively tutor your task force on solution capabilities and will support the end to end testing of the system. Upon sign-off, the solution will be launched and a hyper-care period will commence for a few weeks. 

An administration training will be offered to our customers who are interested in configuring and managing their solution on the Symbox platform.

Training sessions can vary in scope, from two days basic product introduction to two weeks of advance training. Product training enables our customers to fully leverage the capabilities of our platform.

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