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Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management


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The Symbox RA solution provides a preventive risk control framework and group wide visibility and control over revenue loss.


Our in-built processes manage and quantify losses, enabling the organisation to rapidly apply proactive and reactive controls to reduce the potential impact. This benefit is realised across the business and provides reporting to all levels of the organisation up to the board. The management insight doesn’t stop there as our solution also monitors your maturity in dealing with controlling revenue loss against industry standards.

RAFM Hub Feature List

Leakage Manegement
Log & Track (Incidents)
Root Cause Analysis
Risk Framework
Approval Management
Escalation Management
Audit Management
Risk Mitigation
OpCo Segmentation
Real-Time Dashboards
Performance Mgmt
KPI Tracking
OpCo Level Reporting
Group Reporting


RAFM Hub Views




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