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Process Orchestration for Media & Entertainment

Harmonise Media Applications, Simply.

Significantly reduce time (and dollars) to connect your media work-spaces, using a friendly, UI driven middleware.

Why does the Media & Entertainment world need process orchestration?

M&E organisations globally, have spent years refining local workflows & millions of dollars on top-tier tech for scheduling, editing, delivery & distribution. The problem is that many applications have localised data structures and rules, making it extremely difficult for IT & Engineering teams to manage and adapt, as the business evolves. This results in even more time and dollars are spent purchasing & integrating new tech or attempting to stretch legacy applications to fit the new requirements. 

A sample media workflow, from supplier upload to ingest. media_workflow-1


How does Symbox solve this?

By pulling your business process rules & data logic out of the local applications and into a central canvass which is managed by your IT & Engineering teams. Significantly reducing dollars spent on 3rd party vendors on customisation and increasing opportunities for change and refinement as your business evolves. 

The Cherry on top? Tens of thousands of transactions are flowing through Symbox every day, creating the opportunity to create rich, operational performance dashboards for management teams. Providing priceless insights and informing decisions. 

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Media Orchestration Features 

Cost Reduction
Direct Asset Upload
Metadata Validation
Visibility across Assets
Integration Friendly
Auto File QC
Automated Notifications
Standardised Input
User Management
Secure Data
Supplier Segmentation
Real-Time Dashboards
Performance Mgmt
KPI Tracking
Supplier Reporting
Network Reporting


Simplified API Integration through the Symbox UIinobund


Industry standard integrations...as standard!


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