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Automation in minutes with 9.3

Paul Gibbons
04-Feb-2020 18:00:31

It's a new year and, at Symbox, this comes with a new release of our Digital Business Platform.

The latest version of the platform delivers (and some more) on our new year’s resolution from 2019; to make the complex simple for enterprise integration & digital process automation.

Symbox Inbound Connectors

R9.3 puts the power of integration in the hands of the citizen developer ensuring that they only have to focus on the business requirement because we have taken care of everything else! A fully scalable, flexible, secure and robust HTTP connector enables users to connect their organisations' applications quickly as part of an end to end business process automation initiative.

Amongst the many highlights of this release, see some of the key ones below;

  • Create your own API's in minutes not months without writing any code via Outbound Connectors
  • Enable any API to kick off a Symbox process via Inbound Connectors
  • Use data from any API to make automated decisions within your business processes and orchestrate your organisation.

Check out a short preview of our Outbound Connectors feature below..........


Symbox is a global digital process automation software company, delivering rapid automation to blue-chip clients across the world. The Symbox Digital Business Platform brings together low code BPM, digital process automation and an enterprise experience portal into one easy platform.

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