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A Digital Business Platform

Symbox is a platform of integration and automation tools, designed to seamlessly connect your organisation.

People. Process. Technology.

Simply integrate with external applications or build your own. Harness the power of automation with market-leading RPA tools and identify areas for improvement with powerful visualisations and insights. 

Consider Symbox as the management layer for your connected enterprise.

Symbox Platform

Our Digital Business Toolkit
Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, No-Code Integrations, Low-Code Development, Data Visualisations.


Business Process Management

Connecting people, process, data and things to boost productivity and efficiency.

Create structured, executable digital processes to connect your team. Harnessing BPM can significantly improve productivity and present oppotunities to refine your operation, with the ultimate aim of making your teams more effective. Symbox provides businesses with the tools they need for an end-to-end view of what processes are working - and what's not.

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Digital Process Automation

Solve your Automation challenges with No-Code Integrations, Robotic Process Automation and AI.

Enterprises must combine the power of AI, RPA and BPM to realise the full potential of their digital transformation programmes. Orchestrate complex processes across a variety of systems, break down silos, improve customer experience, inject agility into legacy systems and automate business processes end-to-end. The Symbox platform leverages DPA to help businesses reduce cost, save time and eliminate errors. 

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Low-Code Application Development

Create applications, bespoke to the needs of your business in a matter of weeks, not months. 

Deliver ROI with significantly reduced development cycles. The low-code app builder enables developers to spin-up enterprise grade applications that can solve discrete problems or contribute to your wider digital business strategy.

Low-Code Symbox 


Visualisations & Insights

With streams of valuable business data flowing through your Symbox instances, create powerful visuals to support your decision making.

Embrace Symbox as the single view into your operation. Aggregate the data moving through Symbox day-by-day to analyse process health, determine technology performance and improve human productivity.