Rapidly create solutions using our suite
of tools and your business knowledge.

Rapid Application Development

Easily map operating models and strategic KPI’s to key business processes – uncovering fault lines, identifying key decision points and exposing opportunities to improve

Accelerated Automation

Why should integration be painful? The Symbox Platform fast-tracks integration, using everything from RPA to API, enabling you to optimize your business now – not next year.

Low/No-Code Logic

The Symbox Platform empowers the business to create enterprise grade applications and unique user experiences all without a single developer. It’s easy.

Instant Insights

Symbox is built to provide real time insight across the business - identifying process breakdowns between front and back end systems, within and between departments, and throughout the partner ecosystem.

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The App Studio

Put agility at the heart of your business.

The Symbox App Studio accelerates change faster than ever before. Create complex enterprise applications in days not months.

  • - Rapidly create complex processes, using our drag and drop designer.
  • - Quickly set up dynamic business rules in our no code rules builder.
  • - Configure your KPI’s and SLA’s at every level from strategic down to individual team member and monitor what is important to your business.

Need to change? Release the brakes and instantly publish amendments to have immediate impact without the development lifecycle.

Unique User Experiences

Drive digital adoption by creating instinctive interfaces.

The Symbox UI Designer empowers you to craft unique experiences and create beautiful interfaces for every aspect of your application. The simple drag & drop designer and the quick-to-configure properties mean that the Symbox Platform releases the brakes on digital transformation.

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Embedded Intelligence & Analytics

Making sense of people, process and technology.

Symbox platform provides lightening quick embedded analytics that delivers the recommended improvements to optimise transformation programmes. Every user can create their own insights, analyse trends and share their findings with colleagues to empower everyone to be an agent of change.

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Process Automation

Releasing the brakes on automation.

The Symbox Platform can integrate with virtually any 3rd party system to connect up your digital eco-system. Our suite of over 100+ connectors to other systems helps accelerate the integration process and our ability to deploy Robotic Process Automation allow you to get the most out of systems old and new extending the use cases for automation even further.